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Hemorrhoid Banding in Wichita, KS

The board-certified gastroenterologists at KU Wichita Gastroenterology have extensive experience diagnosing and treating hemorrhoids. They will take the time to evaluate your symptoms to determine if hemorrhoid banding is right for you. If you have been diagnosed with hemorrhoids and are in need of treatment, call our gastroenterology office in Wichita at (316) 293-3455 today!

What is Hemorrhoid Banding?

With over 1 million cases diagnosed annually in the U.S., many people suffer from painful hemorrhoids. As inflamed and swollen veins located in and around the anus or lower rectum, hemorrhoids can cause uncomfortable symptoms including bleeding, itching, pain, or discomfort.

There are many ways to treat hemorrhoids including the use of creams, sprays, pads and lotions. When these at-home options no longer provide relief, contact (name of practice) for an evaluation and to discuss hemorrhoid banding.

Also known as rubber band ligation, hemorrhoid banding is a common in-office procedure used to eliminate these symptoms by removing unwanted hemorrhoids.

How to Prepare for a Hemorrhoid Banding Procedure

There is little preparation needed for hemorrhoid banding. Patients do not need to complete a bowel preparation in advance of their procedure and are generally back to work the same day with minimal discomfort.

What to Expect During Hemorrhoid Banding

Performed right in our office, hemorrhoid banding is a simple procedure generally taking less than 10 minutes.

Your physician will examine the hemorrhoid and, using a specialized instrument, he or she will hold the hemorrhoid in place and gently place a rubber band around the base of the hemorrhoid to restrict its blood flow.  This will cause the hemorrhoid to shrivel up and fall off within a few days and typically during a normal bowel movement without notice.

With this quick procedure, patients experience minimal, if any, discomfort. After the banding procedure is over, you may feel the need to have a bowel movement or experience a feeling of fullness in your lower abdomen. To minimize any discomfort, our physicians typically limit banding to one or two hemorrhoids at a time. Patients with multiple hemorrhoids may require more than one visit.

Risks of Hemorrhoid Banding

Rubber band ligation for hemorrhoids is safe. Complications are rare but can include bleeding from the anus, infection in the anal area, pain and swelling at the treatment site. To reduce the risk of complications, it’s important to refrain from demanding physical activity immediately following your treatment.

Are you a Candidate for Hemorrhoid Banding

If you would like to discuss if hemorrhoid banding is right for you, please contact our gastroenterology office in Wichita, KS at (316) 293-3455 to request a consult with one of our gastroenterologists.

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