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Diverticulosis Treatment in Wichita, KS

Diverticulosis is a condition that affects the large intestine. When the inner layer of the intestine is able to push through a weak spot in the outer layer of the intestine, a small pocket forms. This pocket is known as a diverticula, and is most commonly seen in the lower portion of an individual’s intestine called the colon. The expertly trained gastroenterologists at KU Wichita Gastroenterology have extensive experience diagnosing and treating patients throughout the Wichita area for Diverticulosis. Call (316) 293-3455 to request an appointment at our gastroenterology office in Wichita, KS today.

Signs and Symptoms of Diverticulosis

Many with diverticulosis will never present noticeable symptoms. A majority of these cases are only diagnosed once a routine examination like a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy is performed. Individuals without pressing symptoms of diverticulosis are at very little risk, and typically do not require treatment.

Those that do experience symptoms of diverticulosis are likely to encounter:

It is unclear as to what the exact cause of diverticulosis is, though people who experience symptoms such as those mentioned above should see a specialist at KU-Wichita Gastroenterology right away for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Recommendations for Asymptomatic Patients

Although not all cases of diverticulosis will need immediate medical intervention, it is ideal for patients to be examined prior to deciding their course of treatment. Instances of diverticulosis can also progress to become of greater concern to the individual’s health, and so their condition should be appropriately monitored and managed by a healthcare professional like a gastroenterologist.

Treatment for Diverticulosis at KU-Wichita Gastroenterology

Individuals with diverticulosis can practice everyday lifestyle habits to help reduce their risk for further complications. Your gastroenterologist is likely to suggest patients add more fiber to their daily diet to help bowel movements pass more smoothly and easily.

Adding more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to everyday dishes can be quite effective, or patients can elect to take supplements in the form of oral pills, powders, and wafers. These types of supplements can often be found over-the-counter, though a prescription can be given if your gastroenterologist feels that a particular product may be best for a particular person. This can be beneficial for both individuals who experience symptoms of diverticulosis as well as those that remain asymptomatic.

Diverticulosis Versus Diverticulitis

There is often a fair amount of confusion over these two related medical conditions, and that is because they work as a two-step process. A person can begin by having diverticulosis without any problematic symptoms, but if the small pockets within the intestine become inflamed or infected, the situation suddenly becomes a much more serious case of diverticulitis.

When to Contact a Gastroenterologist

Individuals with diverticulitis are likely to experience significant abdominal pain, fever, intestinal bleeding, constipation, nausea, and possibly also vomiting. Filled diverticula in the intestine can lead to a blockage, making bowel movements difficult or even impossible. A number of other serious complications and risks are associated with diverticulitis, making early detection and treatment for this condition incredibly important.

Minor infections caused by diverticulitis can be easily treated using oral antibiotics, but if a patient continues to ignore their symptoms, the condition will only worsen as time passes without proper intervention.

Request a Diverticulosis Treatment Consultation

Make sure to receive the medical attention that your body needs, and contact KU-Wichita Gastroenterology if you begin to notice serious signs of diverticulosis or diverticulitis. New patients may call (316) 293-3455 to request an appointment with one of our highly skilled providers.

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